Our mission is to provide young sportsmen, who play water polo, with the best possible conditions for advancement and sports education and to enable them to have the possibility of improving individual sport skills. Our mission is also to convey the Olympic values to young sportsmen such as friendship, respect and nine basic principles of ethics in sport.


1. Equal treatment for everyone.

Nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social background, religious and political affiliation do not lead to discrimination.

2. Sport and social environment in harmony.

The demands in training and competition are compatible with education, career and family life.

3. Strengthening personal and shared responsibility.

Athletes are involved in decisions that affect them.

4. Respectful encouragement rather than excessive demands.

Measures to achieve sporting goals do not damage either the physical or the psychological integrity of the athletes.

5. Educating on fairness and environmental responsibility.

Behaviour towards others and towards the environment is characterised by respect.

6. Rejecting violence, exploitation and sexual abuse.

Physical and psychological violence as well as any form of exploitation are not tolerated. Raising awareness, maintaining vigilance and rigorous intervention.

7. Rejecting doping and drugs.

Ongoing information and immediate intervention in the event of consumption, administering or distributing substances.

8. Abstaining from tobacco and alcohol consumption during sport.

Demonstrating the risks and consequences of consumption at an early stage.

9. Opposing all forms of corruption.


Encouraging and stipulating transparency in decisions and processes. Dealing with conflicts of interest, gifts, regulating financing and gambling, and consistent disclosure.


Willi Džodić

President – Founder & curr. Coach Woman’s SMZ – Zürich
(Ex. Swiss Woman’s NT Coach & Teammanager)

Vladimir Ivanović

Vice President & curr. President – & Head Coach (all categories)
VK Taš & VK Palilula Belgrade

Miloš Vujanac

Camps Coordinator & Operating Officer – Serbia & curr. Coach (all categories) VK Taš & VK Palilula Belgrade

Ivan Ivetić

Chief Legal Officer Serbia – Legal Academy Adviser & Head of WPST&IA IT Infrastructure, curr. CEO of IT Lion

Aleksandar Vujović

Academy Adviser & Head Coach Instructor curr. Coach VK Belgrade

Filip Pešić

Coach & curr. Club Head Coach Senior team and Coach U20 & U17 VK Taš – Belgrade

Vladimir Mijanović

Goalkeeper Head Coach & curr. Serbian Woman’s NT Goalkeeper Coach

Miloš Bradić

Coach & curr. Head Coach Coach National Team Israel (Ex. Serbian WP Woman’s NT Coach)


Coach & Fitness Coach

Damir Damjanović

Manager of Media & Photo & Video

Ana Tomić

Communication & Social Media Manager

Slobodan Ilić

Counsellors & Board – Director WPST&IA curr. Owner of travel agency Putnik – CH & Intertravel – SRB

Heinz Weber

Counsellors & Board – Director WPST&IA & curr. President & Chief Coach of WBK Stadtmannschaft Zürich – SMZ

Michel Rusterholtz

Chief Legal Officer – Management at IVB Disabled Self-Help in Basel


Academy Operating Officer & Global Sponsoring Manager


The founding and administrative center of Water Polo Sports Tour & International Academy is in the city of Basel (Switzerland). Our training places in water polo are at the same time the European water polo strongholds, such as Belgrade, Bečej, Kikinda, Niš, Kragujevac, Valjevo, Šabac, Sombor, Subotica, Požarevac and Srebrno Jezero (Silver Lake). Our services are available around the world to associations, clubs, Men’s and Women’s water polo players!

We already have our collaborators (trainers) and an excellent cooperation with teams from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Israel and Croatia. WPST & IA has the goal to expand its network of collaborators (trainers) worldwide.

Many coaches and clubs from all over Europe have held camps with us in the past. This enables us now to proudly claim to be the meeting place of many nations, coaches and clubs with only one aim: to enjoy in water polo game!

By constantly expanding our knowledge and the network of trainers, the quality of our Men’s and Women’s water polo players and matches is improving, too.

You can, also, become a part of this network if you apply: info@wpstia.com

We will immediately contact you and discuss the possibilities of including you in this project.


WPST & IA General Business Terms and Conditions

Water Polo Sport & Tour International Academy (hereinafter WPST & IA) is a project of quality with outstanding performance. The Academy trains Enthusiastic young water polo players at sporting, human as well as spiritual and intellectual levels. WPST & IA aims at, above all, athletic education and support for young people with enthusiasm for water polo. We follow a path that focuses on the improvement and strengthening of individual skills.

WPST & IA offers a wide range of camps, led by prestigious, internationally recognised, coaches who have designed them. These are programmes based on athletic performances, both for young players who want to improve their technique and for teams who want to improve their performance to achieve success. These programmes are specially adapted to the preferences of the participants, and are implemented throughout the year in Belgrade and Becej alike. The best sports centres for high-performance sports are available. These programmes are suitable for short and long stays for players from around the world. The offers can be combined with language camps. The prestige of the Serbian water polo players consolidated over the past 32 years, is the best guarantee for this project. Various achievements of male and female teams are the best examples of the values ​​that we would like to convey with our methodology. General Business Terms and Conditions